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BRANDING DNAfor Financial Institutions2 DAY WORKSHOP

In today’s market, brand is king. Regardless of the nature and size of your organisation, it’s important to invest in building a strong brand to define your niche in the marketplace, build a unique platform to show your business in a different light while offering value to the customer and a strong profit to the bottom line.

Susan Jones



By answering the most important questions about your brand, audience and competitive landscape, you can then build on this to drive product development, customer acquisition, employee engagement and strategic partnerships.

Course Outline 

What is covered in the workshop?

  • Understand what your brand really means
  • Insight into the characteristics of brands of the future
  • SWOT analysis
  • 5 Phases of brand positioning (market segment)
  • Discover your point of difference and brand archetype
  • Profile your target market
  • Vision, Mission statement and Core values
  • Learn about your brand perception
  • How to look impressive and stand out
  • Learn how to provide proof of how good you are
  • Step into the customers decision making process – track the customer’s journey and how to enhance their experience
  • Your Ideal Marketing Strategy

Workshop Structure

How will the workshop be structured?

This 2-Day workshop will be split into sections, taking you through the process, piece by piece building your brand DNA. A comprehensive work book is provided Exercises have been prepared to take even the least visual person on a creative journey throughout the 2 days, group activities and collaboration will allow business owners to work together and gain insightful and valuable feedback.


9am – 5pm

Day 1

Focuses on discovery and exploration, building an authentic personality that represents your business.

Day 2

Focuses on the tools and assets which communicate your brand to the world and how to enhance the customer experience.

Cost $997

Support Information

Feel free to call if you have any questions: Phone0410 590 737Emailsusan@livinglines.com.au

I have taken both medium to large size companies through this very same process, the value has been enormous, giving companies the confidence to forge their unique perspective and stand out. Through these workshops I have explored brand positioning and market segment for new and innovative products and services, so whether a large or small business, traditional or innovative, this workshop will help you develop a greater understanding and build the foundations of your brand.

Susan Jones

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