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"At Living Lines, we work with experts… to create expert brands that speak directly to their customers".

Susan Jones - CEO at Living Lines
Susan Jones
(CEO & Founder)

With a career spanning over 2 decades, and across both hemispheres Susan has developed what can only be described as a unique insight into brand building and transformation.

Having been trained as a fashion designer and manufacturing specialist, Susan entered the fashion industry in London and quickly climbed the career ladder at a very young age. Driven by a passion to create brands that connected, she developed a skill for standing in the customer’s shoes, seeing and experiencing brands through their eyes, this coupled with 20 years of regular access to the world’s top brand across Europe and America, Susan was programmed to Brand.

Susan’s experience in London allowed her to work with the founders of some of the UK’s largest and most formidable privately-owned retailers, experiencing first-hand how they held the essence of the brand in their very being, and to watch how that essence would sadly leave the business with its passionate founder.

In the year 2000, Susan moved to Australia to commence a new branding journey, creating and building retail companies. (two large corporate brands) The success of these businesses stemmed from a passion to connect with the customer and to surpass their expectations at every point… to be fixated on their experience and to always keep improving.

Susan’s unique approach to creating or transforming brands comes from her understanding of the passion, ‘heart and soul’ and experiences that goes into building a successful business, understanding the expertise and the blinkered determination which was there from the start.

Susan stepped down from the position of GM within the Speciality Fashion Group to fulfil her passion for build strong, focused and formidable brands… resulting in the founding of Living Lines branding agency. Making it her mission to discover the essence of a business and to work closely with clients to clearly define what makes them unique and how to create the best customer experience.

Creating a brand is like creating a living breathing entities; with a voice, a personality and style all of their own…  That’s why we love what we do!

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