Are you missing out on ‘Easy Wins’?

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Your Business Presentation May Be Causing You to Lose Out on Easy Wins


How many branded elements (think letterheads, email signatures, business cards and other materials with your logo/branding on it) does it take to present to clients and potential customers as a professional – and how many is too little?

Working with an expert you trust is vital to answering this question. Look for an experienced professional who won’t sell what you don’t need, won’t design something you can’t afford to print and, most importantly, someone who has loads of ideas, experience and a proven track record in your industry.

If you think of the uniqueness of a brand being formed through its DNA, this DNA must shape the brand’s personality, style, voice and ethics. The crafting of the branding elements create all the ingredients needed to represent your brand story visually — and these are created early on in the process.

Branding elements can include but aren't limited to:

  • BUSINESS CARD: Your Business Card is an opportunity to stand out and be remembered – show your point of difference.
    Client example: Kwik-Up
  • EMAIL SIGNATURE: Your email signature highlights services you offer or introduces new ones, it reinforces your business values and point of difference - giving a new insight into your business every month.
    Client example: Apex Executive Interiors
  • TENDER TEMPLATES: Your tenders are consistently represented and stand out against your competition

  • CASE STUDY TEMPLATES: Your Case Study template allows for quick easy and consistent, professional proof of your expertise created by your team.
    Client example: SBS Building
  • FILLABLE FORM: Whether a credit form at the start of your customer journey or a feedback from at the end – your professional fillable forms creates a lasting impression.
    Client example: SBS Building
  • CAPABILITY STATEMENT: Your Capability Statement visually tells your industry in a 5-minute snapshot:
    • what you do 
    • how you do it
    • examples of proof
    • your expertise and services.
  • And more...

When a brand has all its ingredients uniquely crafted and saved in all the appropriate files, it’s the designer’s responsibility to make sure each of these elements are treated with respect and used wisely, every single element should not be used in every print or digital design, but selected with the customer in mind and at the right time in their journey.

The advantage of working with an agency with experience in your industry that is also invested in the success of your business is that they know how to promote your expertise and make the most of every marketing opportunity.

One marketing opportunity often taken for granted — or even neglected — is the creative use of business email signatures. Here’s a brief client case study that highlights how a $250 investment yielded a $100,000 return.

We were brought on board by an engineering business with extensive experience and expertise. They had all the industry / quality certifications and were members of all the right associations — they had all the qualifications and experience required to position them as the EXPERTS in their industry, but the business had been representing itself with a basic industry business card and a simple letterhead template, even the tender documents were sent out on the same mundane letterhead.

The Pain Points

Their quotes were constantly being negotiated, they were being passed over for less experienced firms, and they were consistently attracting tyre kickers and small, less profitable projects. This was due to the way the firm presented itself to its customers.


The difference that professional rebranding made to their business was profound and measurable: it opened doors to top architects and developers, the firm now presented tenders like the experts that they are, and they now leverage every opportunity to demonstrate that they are the best in their field. How was this achieved?

  • Consistent online presence, visually and through purposefully written, powerful copy.
  • Digital and print brochures and capability statements
  • Professional corporate material

Something as simple as an email signature is often overlooked… but done well, your email signature can be an opportunity to tell your existing customers and prospective clients:

  • What additional services you provide
  • The expertise in your business
  • Why they should deal with you, your brand positioning and ethics
  • Launch of new products or services
  • The human side of your business — Wishing a Merry Christmas / Happy New Year etc.
[convertkit form=5208713]

We crafted 6 different email signatures for our customer (to be changed every month and then re-run at the end of the 6 months). The email responsible for attracting $100,000 of new work, described a complementary service the firm offered, which prompted 2 architects to contact the firm, saying they weren’t aware of these vital services until they saw the new email signature.

It doesn’t cost anything to attach a well-designed, thought provoking email signature to all your business correspondence… but you’d be surprised how much additional business can be achieved through something as simple as your signature.

With the success of designing, updating and regularly changing this customer’s email signatures, we’ll be crafting even more strategic email messages for them, highlighting even more capabilities within their business.

The Art of consistency

Consistency, consistency, consistency… be consistent about your brand message, be creative about how you use your message across every interaction you have with clients… and be mindful that there are always opportunities to be innovative, original and stand out from your competitors.

Need some help with this?

If you’re at a crossroads in your business and you’d like to have a chat about the potential opportunities within your business — or you’re ready to rebrand and stand out as the expert in your field,— please follow the link below or contact us - we’d love to hear from you...

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