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Building Strength Through Relationships with Chess Engineering

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In order to create real and lasting value in any industry, it's important to understand your place in the market and highlight your unique story to the world. Along with focusing on the quality of your products and services, an inspiring narrative helps you to stay relevant and build strength over time. At Living Lines, we help companies to prosper and grow through recognition, understanding, and application of their own corporate culture.

Chess Engineering is a design, engineering, project management, and fabrication company with large sites in Sydney and Western Australia. This company leads from the front in seven major sectors: rail, infrastructure, mining, general engineering, food processing equipment, defence, and flameproof products. With such a broad range of services, Chess Engineering requires a focused brand strategy that showcases both the quality of its work and its personal approach to value creation. 

Living Lines spent time understanding Chess Engineering's core values and integrated them throughout its value proposition.

The Chess Engineering message is all about people and relationships. CEO Steve Facer and the Chess team develop personal connections with all stakeholders. From employees and partners to suppliers and drivers, they take time, remember names, and get to know the people who define their success. Steve brings his empathy and sense of humour to work every day to make Chess a happy and productive work environment.

At Chess Engineering, consistent service delivery and sustainable growth are dependent on positive human relationships.

At Living Lines, we understand the value of a great story and workplace culture. Lots of businesses develop tunnel vision around their products and services, so a fresh set of eyes helps to deliver a clear perspective. While a hard work ethic is admirable, too many businesses fail to recognise the gold that lies at the heart of their story.

Chess Engineering builds relationships by focusing on communication, workplace safety, and staff loyalty. Long-serving employees are the backbone of the company, with the consistent application of expertise helping to inspire confidence year after year. When we produced a new website and capability statement for Chess, Steve was passionate about showcasing his people and listening to their valuable suggestions and feedback.

When quality products and services are delivered with meaning, you're creating an honest story with the potential to drive long-term growth.

The Chess story highlights the importance of people and culture to any industry. Despite being involved with major infrastructure, rail, and mining projects, Chess has achieved profound success by focusing on a much more personal scale. According to Steve, it's the skills, strength, and longevity of the Chess team that makes all the difference. These qualities have a positive impact on any project and help to inspire confidence among government tenders, tier 1 companies, and other large organisations.

Good relationships inspire consistent professional standards and high-quality outcomes. Positive company culture supports on-time, on-price, and reliable service delivery across locations and industry sectors. Quality results don't happen by accident, Living Lines is proud to support Chess Engineering by highlighting the personal connections that drive such large and impressive results.

The following case study highlights the relationship between Chess Engineering and Living Lines.

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