How FinTech’s stay human as they scale up.

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What if you offered a range of salary-linked benefits designed to get people out of debt and start saving?

Most FinTechs have been able to achieve this with impressive modern technology. But they have forgotten that at the heart of their offering they need to be a people-focused business, driven by a desire to improve the lives of customers. 

Why is the human aspect so important?

More and more people are leaving banks due to mistrust. There are endless FinTech organisations rushing to capture these lost souls.

Here is the problem. How do you stand out and gain their trust? It will take more than a smile for a logo and a tag line to make an explicit claim like "To Help People - Not Build Numbers".

One of the biggest challenges that FinTech brands face is really living the people-first ethos, not just talking about it. You can’t just create a warm verbal and visual identity – the approach must go to the heart of everything you do. From the people you hire and your internal culture, right through to customer service and product development.

This can only be achieved if everyone in the organisation is on the same page from the top to the bottom.

We, at Living Lines, understand that no matter how tech savvy a FinTech organisation is, it must build the people-centric foundation within the culture of its organisation. Only then will it be seen as a trusted organisation. 

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