How people-first branding is giving Fin-Tech start-ups the edge.

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The FinTech industry has exploded as brands look to apply this customer-first mindset to disrupt the established players. But persuading consumers to take a risk on a start-up when their money is on the line is no easy task. Even though banks have been among the least customer-focused businesses on earth, most people have never switched their accounts.

So a rock-solid product, with user experience hard-wired into its DNA, is just the start. FinTech start-ups need to earn trust. And that means being more than just customer-centric. It means becoming more human. It means being people-first.

FinTechs must aim to provide a better, more empathetic service offering with more personalised solutions. Take the home ownership journey. FinTechs need to make this journey easier, cheaper and more enjoyable. 

How to build a people-first brand.

By putting people first. 

People-first branding in the FinTech sector is not as easy as it sounds. And yet, it is a clear differentiator in a fiercely competitive market. Smarter start-ups recognise this and a growing number are using it to gain an edge on less agile, more established operators.

At Living Lines, we understand FinTechs need to create a brand that’s warm and human. A brand that makes you feel before it makes you think. A brand that captures the rich human emotion at the heart of the homeownership journey.

This is one of the reasons Living Lines offer their 2-day workshop. By breaking the branding elements into smaller, intricate and relevant parts, it gives FinTechs the opportunity to build their brand into a people-first services organisation.

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