Is ISO Certification a Waste of Money?

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ISO certification is common across industry sectors, but the costs associated with accreditation can be high. The process of certification can also be complex and inconsistent, with some companies needing to pay more than others to gain their 3 ISO accreditations: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001. On the other side of the coin, there are significant benefits of ISO certification, with an increasing number of Tier 1 companies effectively making it mandatory.

Are you struggling to see the benefits of ISO certification? Have you wondered whether it's worth all the money, time, and effort to get certified?

I would like to share my professional experience...

One of my clients recently received triple ISO certification. Initially, they couldn’t believe what they had achieved, with three ISO logos visible for all to see after their company name. After some celebratory drinks, we got down to business, building the credibility of the business on the back of their new accreditations.

ISO certifications were added to email signatures and included in the company's capability statement and tender template. ISO details were published on the company's website and added to stationery to highlight their new status in the world. Posts went out on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn to make existing and potential clients aware of their new ISO accredited management system.

So, has this made any difference to their business?

Yes, it has — Tier 1 companies are looking at them through a different lens now. They recently signed up with a new Tier 1 company and are looking forward to starting work in the next few months. Only last week, they were approached to take over a very fruitful two-year contract from an uncertified business.

So, was the ISO accreditation process worth the money, time, and effort?

100% Yes...
The process they went through was very different from some of my other clients, with minimal disruption to the business, work carried out on their behalf, and a set ISO turnaround time and price. The whole process was completed within budget in just six weeks.

If you haven’t been ISO accredited but rely on Tier 1 tenders for your business, feel free to send me a message. I’ll personally introduce you to the team that managed to achieve these amazing results in such a short time frame.

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