Is the Tender Process Biased, Or are you just not standing out?

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Why Price Is Not Enough to Win Tenders

In order to run a successful and sustainable business with long-term relevance, you can't compete on price alone. While everyone wants a bargain, above all else, you need a way to create and communicate value to your market.

If your tender submission is based on price alone, you are engaging in a dangerous race to the bottom. There will always be someone out there cheaper than you, so why not just leave them to it? Instead of compromising your products and services, it's important to stand tall, stick to your values, and believe in your brand.

Most of the time, it makes sense to focus on communication over competition. When you present a clear and consistent value-based message, your business will seem more trustworthy and professional. When you deliver this message with confidence to a captive audience, conversations about price take a very different direction.

When people believe in your brand, new opportunities will open up to you. As a business owner, this allows you to focus on what's really important — creating value and making customers happy.

What Our Tender Templates Say

First Impressions

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Our tender submissions include strong and unique branded covers that flow seamlessly from front to back. From colour and shape to message and meaning, all design elements reflect your company name and brand identity. We work across industry sectors, with our tender templates including memorable taglines, strong client quotes, and engaging visuals.

Positive Culture

Before you can build your business, you need to know who you are and what you represent. In order to have a strong brand, it's important to have a positive culture that aligns with your clients and remains authentic to your values. Our tender submissions include your unique business culture, company values, safety and environmental considerations and ISOs where appropriate, along with well-designed organisational charts. 

Reliable Deliverables

If you want to cement existing clients and attract new business, you need to present a strong and consistent vision to the world. Our tender templates reinforce professional credibility with graphics and tables that highlight your products and services, industry expertise, and operational processes. Our tender templates also include, where appropriate, accreditation, certification, and professional association membership logos.

Undeniable Proof

You can't stand on the quality of your products and services alone. You need to present your values, define your credibility, and offer undeniable proof that you can get the job done. Our tender templates include a concise list of bullet points on the back cover to highlight why you're the best choice. We include a case study table that shows tangible proof of what you deliver.

What our customers say:

"In all the years I’ve run this business, I’ve never had anyone send me a message telling me how professional we look…. And this week I’ve had 2. We must be doing something right." - AZConnect

"Even when we don’t get the tender, we still have companies commenting on how professional our tender submissions look." - L.P.Consulting

To find out about our Flexible Template Process


Introduction and Quote Template (Microsoft Word) – Update your intro letter template with customer and project details and continue by adding the scope and price for the project. (Export as PDF)


Front and back covers. These can be created static, or if required, with interactive PDF fields for client names and project details, along with editable case study fields on the back cover. (Flatten editable PDF fields)


Business information template pages are supplied as static PDF pages, so you can order and use them as you see fit.


Instructions are available to help you flatten, save, combine and number PDF and Word documents into one professional quote submission. (Office applications required – Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat or another PDF editing application)

Capability Statements

We often create capability statements for customers at the same time as tender templates — for speed, consistency, and cost-effectiveness.

We recommend creating a 4-page capability statement at the same time as the business tender template. Multiple document delivery ensures business consistency and helps to lower costs.

Differences to the Capability Statement

The capability statement has summarised text across most areas. It does not include organisational charts, accreditations, certifications, and professional association membership logos. Back covers can be created on request with interactive PDF fields for editable case studies.

If you want to stand out from the competition and need help crafting a unique and powerful tender template or capability statement, please contact Living Lines today.

To find out about our Capability Statements click HERE

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