The Cost of Missing Out for Established businesses

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Building Strength Through Credibility and Perception

Why are so many established businesses missing out on their ideal projects?

I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the nicest and most professional business owners in Australia. Along the way, I've seen confusion and frustration first-hand. In too many cases, good businesses get passed over for contracts. While they might be great at what they do, less qualified competition often gets the deal.

I've discovered why this occurs, but more than that, I can put this knowledge into practice.

"Being great at what you do is no longer enough."

In a world of increasing competition and endless diversity, great products and services are just the start. To stand out, you need to build trust with your market.

It might seem harsh, but people are judging your business before they’ve even met you. If you have a tired visual identity, it says the following about your business:

  • "My business isn’t doing great, so feel free to negotiate. I’m really desperate for work."
  • "I’m hanging onto my old reputation and hoping you'll work with me for old times’ sake."
  • "I don't invest or believe in my business. Our operations are just as tired as our look."

While these 3 statements are rarely true, in the world of business, perception has a huge influence on reality. It has an impact across the board, from not winning ideal contracts and tenders to being messed around over small details and getting screwed down on price.

Why this happens

Now more than ever, businesses are judged by their appearance. While you wouldn’t go on a date or attend a function looking old and tired, that's exactly how so many businesses present themselves. The "take me warts and all" approach might seem honest, but it won't get you a second date or help you to win a valuable new contract.

What it costs you

How you're seen by the market has a huge and very tangible cost. It could be the difference between a 7% or 35% profit margin, or the difference between taking unwanted jobs and picking the cream from the crop. You don't have to climb a mountain every week to keep the team employed. You can work smarter and create a profitable long-term growth strategy.

By developing profitable specialties or taking advantage of sub-sector opportunities in growth areas, you can rise above the noise and work on your own terms.

Just like the businesses I mentioned above, you can turn yourself around by:

  • Presenting as the trusted expert in your field
  • Delivering a clear message with strong capabilities
  • Highlighting proof through impressive case studies or relationships
  • Reinforcing trust through accreditations and certifications
  • Guaranteeing service deliverables through well-established management
  • Reinforcing a positive culture and strong point of difference
  • Creating a value proposition that offers clear advantages

Where to start...

More often than not, we start by defining your business with a capability statement. We get to know you, dissect your strengths and weaknesses, and research your ideal customer. We discover your tools, understand your values, and highlight the benefits you bring to site each day.

We offer a complete solution to transform your business and propel its growth. We can create content and build your company website with minimal disruption to your day-to-day activities. To build credibility in your business, we also get involved in stationery, signage, social media profiles, tender templates... the list goes on.

What our customers say…

1.Great process. We now have a clear and informative overview on our company. Easy to read and understand what Alltracks is all about. Thanks Susan.

Martin Costello (Sales Manager)

2. Thanks Susan Jones, this has been such an exciting project. Your guidance and patience have been invaluable throughout this entire process and the results speak for themselves.

Chris Worchurst, Millform Australia – (National Sales and Marketing Manager)

 3. I can’t thank Susan and the Living Lines team enough, the work they did for Enviro Excavations was amazing. Susan was so invested in getting the message, business content and point of difference clear and simple, with details I never thought were important. I wish I had done this years ago!

Anthony Taranto – Enviro Excavations (Owner)


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