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In order to promote your business to the world, it's important to make your value clear and build an authentic narrative around your brand. The unique story at the heart of your business is worth more than you think, as long as you tell it with clarity and conviction. When you focus on your culture and play to your strengths, you have a simple and effective way to stand out from the crowd and make your message heard.

At Living Lines, we help companies to prosper and grow by transforming personal stories into business value. 

Facility Design Group (FDG) is involved in the architectural design and construction of wet and dry leisure centres. FDG has worked on more than 64 leisure centre and civic projects across Australia. Stephen Johansson and the FDG team are proud to build facilities that bring local communities together. Stephen has both architectural expertise and construction knowledge, which puts him in a unique position to integrate all elements of a project.

Despite the perfect combination of industry expertise and practical experience, FDG struggled to capture market attention and win the bigger tenders. While FDG already had good skills, great people, and a proven track record, the core values that drove Stephen and defined FDG were not obvious to the market.   

Through his love of research, design, and construction, FDG was developed to bring people together as a community.   

Being great at what you do is not always enough. In order to transform potential into opportunity, you need to create an engaging story that builds value through the act of connection. From our perspective, Stephen’s passion and unique approach made this project very interesting. While his drive and work ethic were obvious from the outset, we needed to highlight and promote the FDG story to the world.

FDG is a professional operation driven by community values and local partnerships. We helped to define the company as experts in their field and created a unique brand story forged around these core values. When community-focused passion is backed up by guaranteed deliverables, the market deserves to know.

In order to highlight the core values of FDG, we needed to think big and make bold moves. We started with a strong logo and unique colour scheme and made intuitive design decisions that had meaning to Stephen and his team. FDG was already using trademark design elements, with the new colour scheme designed to reflect the signature yellow feature walls showcased in physical FDG sites. From a new website and capability statement to fresh images and icons, we implanted the story at the heart of FDG's identity.

Personal brand stories are not an add-on. They're an honest and authentic way to integrate and showcase your products and services to the market. 

While providing value to your customers is the cornerstone of success, enveloping this value with a unique narrative provides you with commercial context and helps you to build strength over time. At Living Lines, we help businesses to discover, define, and promote their unique core values in order to ensure long-term market relevance and sustainable business prosperity.

The following case study highlights the relationship between FDG and Living Lines. 

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