What do you look for in a Capability Statement?

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In order to make an impression on the market, your professional capability needs to be affirmed. While the success of your business is based on the quality of your products and services, the value you create needs to be defined and communicated with clarity and confidence.

A capability statement is a distilled summary of all your capabilities. More than a list of what you can do, it is a visual snapshot that asserts your relevance and helps to define your place in the market. A good capability statement makes a powerful impact in a concise and meaningful package.

To be effective, a capability statement needs to be current and kept up-to-date. This small but mighty document is between 2 and 4 pages long, which means it can be read in 5-10 minutes and shared easily between clients and stakeholders for easy reference.

A capability statement shows:

  • How you will solve specific problems
  • Information relevant to specific customers
  • What makes you different from the competition

Our capability statements include the following core elements:

First Impressions

Our capability statements are designed to flow from front to back, with custom documents created and templates never used. The capabilities of your business are expressed through memorable taglines, considered quotes, and design elements that reflect your company logo, icon, and brand identity.

Positive Culture

Our capability statements highlight the unique values that make your business tick. From corporate culture and mission statements to OH&S compliance, environmental values, and ISOs, we will help you to stand tall in your industry sector.

Reliable Deliverables

Our capability statements reinforce professional credibility and everyday reliability with graphics and tables. Along with your products and services, we highlight industry expertise, operational processes, accreditations, certifications, and professional associations.

Undeniable Proof

Our capability statements include a list of bullet points to highlight why you're the best choice. We also include case study tables to break down your offerings and define your results.

Customer Quotes

"I don’t need to sell what we do anymore, the Capability Statement says it all…. I just need to remember to sit there, accept the business and stop talking!" - AZConnect.

"The capability statement has completely changed how customers see us and even how we see ourselves, we didn’t realise how good we were… all the guys on the team just love handing them out." - AZConnect

"We’re having conversations with companies who wouldn’t give us the time of day before, we walk a bit taller and new doors are opening which we never thought possible." - L.P.Consulting

How to Use Business Collateral to Grow Your Business

With the right combination of valuable content and professional expression, you can make waves in your industry sector. The delivery format you choose is critical. 

Our capability statements are available in the following formats:

Print – Our 4-page capability statement hard copy is professionally printed to create a powerful and lasting impression. This document flows from front to back and is ideal for meeting presentations, industry events, or show bag inclusions.

Digital PDF – Our digital PDF capability statement can be hosted on your website and made available as a download. You can use the URL link in documents, emails, or articles and create a QR code for easy access to valuable information.

Reduced Digital PDF – This reduced digital format is a smaller and more concise version of our standard PDF. This capability statement file is ideal for attaching to emails, quotes, and proposals.

Why not consider a Tender Template?

We can create an engaging tender template that aligns with your capability statement. Multiple document delivery ensures business consistency and helps to lower the overall costs.

What additions are included in the Tender Template?

  • The tender template document has more detailed text across the same areas, including additional quotes and information. All sections are saved as static PDF pages.
  • The document includes an organisational chart, along with accreditation, certification, and professional association membership logos when appropriate. Everything is saved as static PDF pages.
  • An introduction branded letter template is used, with body text and some automated fields structured in Microsoft Word format.
  • Front and back covers are created, including on request interactive PDF fields for client and project names, document titles, and editable case studies.
  • Instructions are available to guide you through combining and numbering, flattening, and saving PDF and Word documents in a professional presented tender template.

If you want to stand out from the competition and need help crafting a unique and powerful capability statement, please contact Living Lines today.

For more information and branding advice, contact article author and branding expert, Susan Jones, director of Living Lines branding agency on  0410 590 737.

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