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Brand DNA operates on the principle that a brand is like a person, with a voice, a personality and a style of its own. A brand is a living, breathing entity, requiring consistent support and attention throughout its life, it relies on every chain of the brand DNA communicating consistently through both on and off-line channels. We have isolated the key genetic instructions that build brand supremacy and maintainable profits, by faultlessly linking every characteristic we create unique DNA that breaths life and purpose into a brand.


Living Lines Brand DNA Process



At Living Lines this first process is by far the most challenging and definitely the most important. The reason we use the word ‘discovery’ is because our team undertakes extensive research into the industry / category, often uncovering problems and hidden perceptions leading us to challenging the status quo.

If you work with Living Lines and participate in this process, our aim is not to develop a brand that is IN an industry, but LEADER OF an industry. Uncovering the unique point of difference that make a brand stand out, working with Experts in a field to make them show up as experts at every customer touch point.



How do you make a brand stand out in a crowded market? How do you build growth and market share? What makes you stand out as the expert in your field?

It all starts with a strategy… a strategy born out of the Brand DNA process. As a result, this process will unveil the competitive edge for your company and brand. Our passion is contagious and the whole process will inspire you, as you see the opportunity to increase market share and ‘shake up’ a whole industry.



At Living Lines our unique style, flair and creative process allows us to craft brands with a voice that speaks directly to your customer, delivering a strong consistent message across all print and digital medium.

Our DNA process involves the creation of a whole suite of brand elements from tag lines, quotes, services ribbons, watermarks, icon, colours, image treatments, all that’s needed to ensure a strong identity and consistent message.



In order to launch your brand and ensure maximum engagement and impact we set out a detailed marketing plan, structured for your business and the brand we’ve created.

Close monitoring and fine tuning of the plan, ensure that we deliver the right message to the right people through all the right channels. Each activity and implementation being assessed to ensure the conveyance of a consistent representation through every communication.

Some of our Brand Transformation Case Studies.

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