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The setting up of an equipment hire business stemming from Restoration expertise, knowledge and contacts from parent company NLR. Lex Moir (CEO of NLR) saw an opportunity to develop a business on the back of their existing knowledge and contacts, while utilising their Brisbane team resources.


Create an online business and strong, trusted brand identity, to be rolled out across states in line with equipment rental facilities for pick up and drop off. The aim being to rend to DIYers, Contractors and Construction and Restoration businesses.


We started with a strong logo and unique colour scheme, which suited the industry and reflected the strength, trust and reliability needed for an equipment hiring business. The orange and blue used is impactful, but also already appears in this sector like an established brand.

The brand direction ran across, Website, equipment stickers, product specification templates and Safety guides.

The website functionality feeds into a stock control system and offers flexible multi-day package rates with the option for pick up or delivery. The logistics of the ordering and delivery of equipment along with the supply of all manuals, videos instructions and specification information, made this project quite complicated. But this was well worth the effort when offering order flexibility with easily accessible operational knowledge to an end user.

NB. Agile Equipment Hire started life as Dash Equipment Hire, but unfortunately due to Trade-Mark restrictions, we had to change all the material and website to Agile after the site went live

Highly Recommended. Great attention to detail. Fantastic Quality and awesome communication. We do a mix of construction, cleaning and engineering work and needed marketing strategy, design and execution, Susan and team were able to deliver! Well done.

Lex Moir


New Brand – Logo creation

Content strategy

Website content, design and development

Design & creative of downloadable material (safety guides, product specs)



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